2020 Performance Management is more than an annual review. Research suggests meaningful performance management is possible using a more fluid process involving many discussions and interactions throughout the year. 


2020 Performance Management process

  • Challenging Goals: The process begins with goal setting in April 2019 and you can use your check-in meetings to discuss goals and revise and adapt to align with the priorities of your team and unit.
  • Meaningful Discussions: The Performance Management 2020 process is designed to emphasize and encourage regular discussions about performance rather than only discussing performance during the annual review.
  • Efficiency and simplification: The end of year performance evaluation, which will take place in March 2020, has been simplified to a one-page employee input form and a two-page evaluation form for supervisors.  Supervisors will evaluate employee performance in March 2020 using a three-point scale on the employee’s overall performance.
Support for supervisors and employees via monthly communications, webinars, sessions, opportunities for feedback

Support throughout the process

  • Supervisors will receive monthly communication and additional training to support their leadership development as part of this process. This training will be jointly conducted by your HR Lead and Leadership and Talent Development in the Office of Human Resources.
  • All employees will receive a one-question survey to check on whether they are having regular meetings with their supervisors.
  • Employee Engagement Survey results for 2019 will be integrated into the overall performance management process to provide confidential feedback on this performance management process.

Effective Performance Management

Effective Performance Management